Sebastiano Vigna

Sebastiano Vigna (University of Milano, Italy)           vigna

Topic: Recent advances on centrality in social networks

Sebastiano Vigna obtained his PhD in Computer Science from the Università degli Studi di Milano, where he is currently Associate Professor. His interests lie in the interaction between theory and practice. He has worked on highly theoretical topics such as computability on the reals, distributed computability, self-stabilization, succinct data structures, query recommendation, and theoretical/experimental analysis of PageRank, but he is also (co)author of several widely used software tools ranging from high-performance libraries to a model-driven software generator, a search engine, a crawler, and a graph compression framework. In 2011 he collaborated to the computation the distance distribution of the whole Facebook graph, from which it was possible to evince that there on Facebook there are just 3.74 degrees of separation.

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